On November 19th, the Rucking World Championship was held in Washington DC.
Participants competed individually, or in teams of two and were required to complete a distance of fifty miles while wearing a weighted bag (or "ruck") in a time of under twenty hours.

One of several very good doggos at the event

Event staff set up an awning in Folger Park for registration

Race participants register with event staff  

Participants show the event staff that they have the required weights in their ruck

Participants were required to have headlamps as the race began at night and would run into the next afternoon

Participants waiting for the race to start

Participants were in good spirits at the start of the event

Cadre Mocha begins the event briefing

A participant is acknowledged for having participated in 100 events

Participants listen to instructions and advice from the event briefing

Cadre Mocha acknowledges members of the various branches of armed services, as well as community responders and teachers in a moment of reflection

Participants waited as each of three groups departed

Four-legged participant

Participants in the second group waiting to start off

Second group receiving their latitude and longitude coordinates for their waypoint

Participants plotting the coordinates to determine their routes

Participants head off towards their first waypoint in Arlington Virginia

A team of participants performing first aid on themselves after arriving at the last checkpoint in upper Northwest DC

A team heads off to the final location

Event staff at the final location

A team taking off their rucks, having just finished the race

Participant being embraced by cadre Mocha

Participant sits down after completing 50 mile ruck and eats

Final group of participants arrive at the race endpoint

Participants walk quickly to the finish line

Participants are congratulated for finishing the 50 mile race

Event staff celebrating the completion of the event

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